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Hutchings & Harding Ltd was established in 1897. Modern technology has been harnessed to the traditional skills and craftsmanship of the leather industry, providing a top quality chamois leather product with a personal customer service.

Today Hutchings & Harding continues to excel as a tannery for chamois leather, skiver leather and pickled grains. Their main activity remains the tanning of selected sheep pelts from around the world – exactly as it was when first established 100 years ago. They have a pride in their products and services that enables them to claim with justification ‘the worlds finest chamois’.


Following a review of Hutchings and Harding existing simplex water softening plant a series of upgrades were recommended and undertaken. The first water softener in the project that required replacement was a 20+ year old 100 litre SM81 time controlled water softener. This system was set to regenerate every day and was consuming a vast quantity of salt unnecessarily. The second water softener in the project that required replacement was a 140 litre 2” time controlled simplex water softener. This system was again set to regenerate every day and was also consuming a vast amount of salt unnecessarily (Estimated salt consumption per week: 200-300 Kg).


A high efficiency Genus DW7-1200 simplex water softener was recommended and installed to replace each of the above systems. The DW7-1200 water softener is a volume controlled water softener and only regenerates according to usage, specifically selected for its reliable and economical operation.

After the installation the systems were monitored and found to have made huge savings on salt and water consumptions reducing weekly salt usage to under 100kg.

Benefits of the Genus DW7 series water softeners:

  •  One of the most efficient system available on the market
  •  significant water savings
  •  significant salt savings

In addition to the immediate savings in operating costs, there are a number of additional advantages:

  • A simpler design
  • Fewer components meaning lower maintenance costs


ParagonParagon is a high-quality, award-winning, purpose-built hall of residence in Brentford operated by Notting Hill Student Lets, part of the Notting Hill Housing Group. With excellent transport links and good shopping and leisure facilities available, Paragon is ideally located for students studying in central and west London.

Following problems with lime scale build-up occurring throughout the building, direct water heaters were failing regularly due to blocked pipe work and the shower heads were being descaled weekly. A review of the existing water conditioner was carried out and it was confirmed a base exchange water softener was required to control the lime scale issue. WARD UK were requested to tender for the installation of the water softener after recommendation from Metro Mechanical Services. A series of upgrades were recommended by WARD UK which were accepted and the works were undertaken.

The existing water conditioner was installed onto the outlet of the boosted cold water supply to the building as specified by the architects and designers of the property. Our challenge was to recommend a suitable base exchange water softener capable of providing the flow rate and soft water required for the 836 apartments supplied by the boosted water supply.

A high efficiency Genus DW9-8000 Duplex Water Softener was specified and recommend.

The Genus DW9-8000 Duplex Water Softener was recommended and installed to supply the water tank in the plant room. The DW9-9000 Water Softener is a volume controlled duty/standby water softener and only regenerates according to water usage, specifically selected for its excellent flow rates and very reliable and economical operation.

After the installation the system was monitored and found to have made huge savings on maintenance costs, we received very good feed back from the property manager and site engineers.


  • An extremely efficient system
  • Very high flow rates
  • Very efficient salt usage


Park House Water SoftenerDuring the latter quarter of 2015, Ward UK, a commercial and domestic water treatment specialist, successfully designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a water softener which complied with the requirements of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) for our project – Park House – in Oxford Street.

The background to this achievement is that the building, comprising residential units, retail outlets and commercial offices was specified to incorporate a WRAS approved Water Softener for the domestic supplies in accordance with the Thames Water requirements. At the time of construction, there was no WRAS approved installations on the market, resulting in the installation of a non-compliant unit. On the recommendation of the RAH Consultancy, Ward UK were employed to design, manufacture and test a system which would satisfy the Thames Water Test and Acceptance Criteria so that it would subsequently be installed within the building with confidence that it would achieve a Certificate of Compliance from the Thames Water Inspectorate.

Wards scope of works included the provision of:

  • Water Softener technical design
  • System layout and drawings
  • Schedule of components to be used in the water softener construction, including their corresponding WRAS approval numbers.
  • Control valve specification sheet
  • Structural vessel specification sheet
  • Resin specification sheet
  • Water consumption test and report
  • Production of works Method Statement
  • Assembly of the unit
  • Installation on site
  • Provision of O & M Manuals
  • After sales service

The unit is now successfully installed and, following an inspection by the Thames Water Inspector, we have received a Certificate of Compliance. This installation was the first WRAS approved unit installed in such a development in London.

Well done and many thanks to Ward UK.

Neil Shanley – Mace

Mace GroupRAH Consultancy